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Searching for the App

“When you search for the YKC app in the Apple Store or Google Play, you should find the symbol and name listed above. This is the app you should download.”



Getting Started

To become a Requester you must first download the app on your smart phone (Apple and Adroid are both supported), register and subscribe as an Intercessor. Directions to assist you in this process are contained below.

In addition, you must read the YKC Brochure. After reading it, you must click on the I Agree to Terms  button and send us an email acknowledging that you have read the brochure and agree to abide by the terms. At that time we will approve you as a registered Requester.



Directions for Registering and Subscribing

  1. Open the  App.
  2. Tap the Register bar at bottom of page.
  3. Enter all the data marked with an *. Tap the circle agreeing to the Terms.  (The Register bar at the bottom should change colors (if all the required information has been provided).
  4. Tap the Register bar  (A message should appear directing you to enter the verification code which was emailed to you.)
  5. In your e-mail account open the e-mail from No-reply YKC and note the verification code.
  6. Return to the YKC app and enter those six characters. Tap the Confirm( A green area should appear on your screen confirming that you have successfully registered.) 


  1. You will need to log in at this point by entering your email address and password.
  2. Tap “Go to subscriptions” (printed in yellow).
  3. Tap the + sign in the circle at the upper right hand corner of your screen. (An Add New Subscription screen should open.)
  4. Tap the Select an area ( At the bottom of this page a grey area with the words, Select an area should appear.)
  5. Touch the word Africa and scroll it up. Tap on the word Done
  6. Now tap on the Select a sub area (A new set of options will appear at the bottom of the page.)
  7. Scroll down and select an area of interest and tap on it 
  8. After you have selected an area tap Done then go to the top and tap Save
  9. Repeat the directions in the previous paragraph to select each additional sub area from which you desire to receive prayer requests.

                YOU ARE SUBSCRIBED

You will be able to post Requests, read the encouraging comments and prayers intercessors post and also give follow-ups to your request on this app.

Now you need to click on the following link to read and accept the terms contained in the brochure:

Your Kingdom Come Brochure 


After reading the Brochure above, send us an email notifying us that you accept the terms by clicking on the link below:

I Agree to Terms




Why Africa?

Your Kingdom Come(YKC) has been developed for Apple and Android devices. Priority is being given to smartphone technology because our passion is to mobilize Christians in sub-Saharan Africa to pray for Disciple Making Movements in the Sahel and in North Africa. African nations rarely experienced phone lines, leap-frogging into the cell tech-nology. Likewise, many are using smartphones rather than computers since they are more portable and more easily recharged.

YKC App was developed by employing Acklen Avenue (http://acklenavenue.com), a team of agile software development professionals who are passionate about clean code and simple user experiences. Acklen Avenue develops software by following the four industry standards which are proven to yield high quality results:

1. Readability: Write code that someone can understand a year later.

2. Architecture: Follow a documented architecture like Domain-Driven Design from start to finish.

3. Tests First: Use Test-Driven Development to drive out production code.

4. Principles: Adhere to the SOLID Principles of Software Engineering. These principles, when applied together, make it more likely that a programmer will create a system that is easy to maintain and extend over time.


Google Translator is being used so posts can be made in English, French or Arabic. These are the main trade languages of the Sahel and North Africa, so YKC is being launched in all three. 

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